Identifying and accepting barriers to hope is a first step to overcoming them.

You can use TIP 4 when you have trouble communicating, building better relationships, etc. with your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, mother, father, mom, dad, sister, brother, teenager, peer, sibling, parent, boss, coworker, employee, pastor, neighbor, friend, enemy, partner, significant other, yourself, God, your Creator, when rejected, when you feel hopeless, confused, denied, rejected, lost, stuck, confused, defeated, mistreated, misunderstood, angry, depressed, lost, or any other way and want ideas to do something positive, constructive, healing, helpful, restorative (restore or restoring), and or hopeful. When you have feelings of fighting, feeling lonely, considering retribution, getting even, being harmful, mean, ending communication, leaving a relationship, seeking revenge, harming, or other dysfunctional ideas, review the tips for help, and then consider getti  


Many other factors can keep this simple formula from working for you on your journey to hope. 

  • Other Barriers to finding HOPE for your life:

Boredom - restless, wandering, and directionless state of mind from refusal to make choices opening life to irrational and often immoral choices.

Deceit– stuck in false truths, systems of logic, "isms", or self-beliefs - voices denying the Creator's Truths.

Defeated– drowning in past mistakes - stuck in shame, self-pity, inaction, and hopelessness.

Deflected– allowing uncertainties in mental, physical, and/or social areas block dealing with spiritual issues.

Delay– often laziness, or failure to take action in Hooking-up or Obeying the Creator.

Disconcertedness– unwillingness to accept the seriousness of choices; looking for an easier way.

Fearfulness– failure to act for reasons of the volume of restitution, past woundedness, uncertainty, consequences, shame, unwillingness to trust, etc.

Heretical– distortions, added interpretations, or poor administration of Truth from the written Word.

Immorality– a willingness or choice to live outside of God’s hope, enjoying evil for a season, and believe the cost will not have to be paid. 

Misunderstanding– listening to others who do not correctly understand or display God’s love or the Creator’s Truths. 

Passion(misplaced) – wanting to enjoy the highs believing there will be no hangover. 

Power(misplaced) – wanting to control others.

Pride(misplaced) – wanting to be our own god. 

Procrastinating– not understanding that hope is always a NOW choice.

Religiousness–following beliefs or religions linked to philosophy vs. historically valid Truths.

Unawareness– little or no exposure to the amazing love and faithfulness of the Creator (i.e., undeniable, scriptural truth). 

Unbelief– not willing to have faith - a hardening of the heart.

Unforgiveness– not willing to forgive self, others, or the Creator.

Woundedness– past hurts and violations bringing a resistance to forgiveness, and trusting the Creator for healing.