You can use TIP 2 when you have trouble communicating, building better relationships, etc. with your boyfriend, girlfriend, family, mother, father, mom, dad, sister, brother, teenager, peer, sibling, parent, boss, coworker, employee, pastor, neighbor, friend, enemy, partner, significant other, yourself, God, your Creator, when rejected, when you feel hopeless, confused, denied, rejected, lost, stuck, confused, defeated, mistreated, misunderstood, angry, depressed, lost, or any other way and want ideas to do something positive, constructive, healing, helpful, restorative (restore or restoring), and or hopeful. When you have feelings of fighting, feeling lonely, considering retribution, getting even, being harmful, mean, ending communication, leaving a relationship, seeking revenge, harming, or other dysfunctional ideas, review the tips for help, and then consider getting counsel or other resources to help you in "loving and being loved".


Not understanding the need to SURRENDER can keep this simple formula from working for you. .

  • Surrender: The H.O.P.E. Formula helps you with balancing beliefs with emotions and reason.  You were designed to need a power greater than you to succeed. Everyone struggles with this hope barrier. 
    • The most powerful God you can choose is presented in John 3:16 – it reveals a Creator showing us how to “love and be loved”.  Anything short of this will eventually end in hopelessness.  Like the coconut trap for monkeys, we refuse to let go of the fruit inside (our pride) to gain our freedom.
    • In terms of the Serenity Prayer, you are choosing toaccept”.
    • We have to choose, like Joshua of old, “who we are going to serve” in our life.