From Coping to Hoping.

The H.O.P.E. BREAK Formula can be used with a “C” instead of an “H” regardless of your faith or beliefs or past. 

  • It provides a pathway from “HOPE” to “COPE” and reminds us that even before we “Hook-Up” (H) to our Creator’s power, we can still “Cry out” (C) to him for help and hope until we decide to trust in having a relationship with him (truly Hook-Up). 
  • We can cry out, obey what we know already to be right, then begin to praise and enjoy the fact that he hears us in love – at any time. 
  • As we learn to truly H.O.P.E., our crying out (coping) starts to become the amazing life of living with hope. 
  • Regardless of how long it takes us to arrive, better than any earthly father we could possibly know, his love is always there if we choose to cry out, and hopefully hook-up.








It’s good to Cope,

     But you want Hope.

Again, you’re here,

     So full of fear.

So many voices;

     So many choices.

They’re yours to make,

     Your path to take.

Give up – give in,

     To God, or sin.

The first gives gain,

     The other pain.

To break sin’s lure,

     You need God’s cure.

To give up self,

     Stop living stealth.

Embrace the cross,

     And count the cost.

So follow Him,

     … Experience win!

Obey His Word,

     And hope is heard.

To give him praise,

     Will lift your days.

Enjoy his love -

     Hope from above.

The cycle breaks;

     Your heart awakes!

You move from cope,

     And touch his hope.

H -  You first “hook-up”,

     As you look up.

O – Then you “obey”,

     What he will say.

P – “Praise” must come next,

     The lies to vex.

E – “Enjoy” your hope,

     It helps you cope.

Fear fades away;

     God makes your day!

Hope fills your life.

     And ends your strife.

Never give up;

     Always look up.


It is simple, once you have made the choice to cry out for hope, to quickly start the hope process – anytime, anyplace, 24-7-365.   

  • You can immediately say something as simple as this:  “God, I need your help.  Please guide my next steps to please you.  Thank you for loving me and helping me in this moment.  I am trusting in your presence to fill and help me now.”  That's all 3 steps!
  • You don't have to understand exactly why, just Hook-up, Obey, then Praise and Enjoy the beginning of hope immediately.  Do it as mamy time as your life demands it.  Choose 2 Choose!