HOPE STEP 3: P & E Praise & Enjoy your Creator’s presence & solutions.


  •  “Praising your Maker and Enjoying His presence” changes your focus and allows you to immediately benefit from your new “Hook-Up” connection.
  • Regardless of any consequences, suffering, confusion, or difficulty with the next steps of hope, you can experience unconditional love, forgiveness, and empowerment of your Creator’s presence and Spirit - right NOW! 
  • Irrespective of opinions and voices around you, you can know you are connected to the greatest source of forgiveness, guidance, and hope designed just for you.
  • Find a place to praise and enjoy your successes, no matter how small or how many times repeated, with others.  This celebration with others is part of your worship experience, reinforcing your hope choices.
  • Celebrate your progress - each Hook-up and Obedience choice.  Don't wait - hope is a NOW experience.  Practice enjoying every moment of your life - even the tough ones - with hope celebrations.



H247 ICON BUTTON 20  Applying your "Praise & Enjoy your Creators presence & guidance" 24-7 Exercise

Since we live life only in the NOW, this is the only time we can experience hope for our lives.  Learning to Celebrate all our hope choices, and especially the Praise & Enjoy choices, is important. 

Make a simple chart like the one below.  In your step 1 column, check the Praise & Enjoy Choices (1 - 3) that you have  made in each row.  If you cannot check each row, take some time to consider why and determine the importance to be make each choice.

Praise & Enjoy Choice 1: I have chosen to celebrate my Hook-up and Obey successes daily. 

Praise & Enjoy Choice 2:  I have chosen to share my hope successes with others soon after they happen. 

Praise & Enjoy Choice 3:  I choose to Praise & Enjoy even when I cannot understand why, and to celebrate regardless of feelings.

P E Chart


Step Rate your choices:  Use column two.  Using a scale of 10 being "strongly committed" and 1 being "still considering", rate the strength of your Praise & Enjoy Choices.  Put your rating in each Praise & Enjoy Choice row.  Update it to a 10 as soon as possible.  If you are not at a 10, take some time to determine why.


Step Plan your future success: Use column three.  Write a simple plan, journal, or a minimum visualize what this each choice will impact your behavior and ability to live "realizing hope" for your life.  Put the date your plan is completed in each Praise & Enjoy Choice row.


Step Share your analysis with others: Use column four.  Share your Praise & Enjoy Choices success with one or more people who are committed to living hope.  Check each row after you have shared.