HOPE STEP 2: O Obey His guidance.                                 


  • "His guidance" refers mainly to the written Word.  Click this link to review this source - WW.  Other sources can be chosen, but not for the H.O.P.E. Break Formula.  If you choose another source, you are essentially on your own.  If you accept to choose the 3 Hook-up Choices, you will already be open to your rule-maker's guidance.
  • “Obeying His guidance” helps you rise above cultural expectations, norms, and fictions, connecting you to the eternal wisdom of the true Designer and “Rule-maker”.


 H247 ICON BUTTON 20  Applying Obey his Guidance 24-7 Exercise

If we do not know the ingredients for a cake we like, it is hard to consistently and successfully make a good cake everytime.  In the same way, if we do not know the secrets to hope, it is impossible to apply them in your life.  The Creator knows how to guide your journey to hope, but you must take the time to know, and understand that guidance as much as possible, to successfully apply it to your life. 

Make a simple chart like the one below.  In your step 1 column, check the Obey Choices (1 - 3) that you have  made in each row.  If you cannot check each row, take some time to consider why and determine the importance to be make each choice.

Obey Choice 1: I have chosen to spend time knowing what is in the written Word. 

Obey Choice 2:  I have chosen to link with others who are committed to knowing the Creator's guidance for their lives. 

Obey Choice 3:  I choose obedience to the written Word even when I cannot understand it, and to keep obeying it.


 Obey Chart


Step Rate your choices:  Use column two.  Using a scale of 10 being "strongly committed" and 1 being "still considering", rate the strength of your Obey Choices.  Put your rating in each Obey Choice row.  Update it to a 10 as soon as possible.  If you are not at a 10, take some time to determine why.


Step Plan your future success: Use column three.  Write a simple plan, journal, or a minimum visualize what this each choice will impact your behavior and ability to live "realizing hope" for your life.  Put the date your plan is completed in each Obey Choice row.


Step Share your analysis with others: Use column four.  Share your Obey Choices success with one or more people who are committed to living hope.  Check each row after you have shared.