HOPE STEP 1: H Hook-up to your Creator.

  • “Hooking-Up” to your Maker reminds you that, regardless of the pain or impossibility of your situation, the solution fits into a larger plan, and with someone who has infinite resources.
  • It surrenders you to unconditional love that is greater than you, your surroundings, or even your greatest imagination. 
  • It helps you remember that you do not have to understand everything, or even be in control to move forward with the best possible steps for your life. 
  • It connects you to your purpose and destiny again.
  • Why do you Have to hool-up with the Creator to have hope?
    • Genuine hope has to be based on truth or it is presumption, that is "false hope". 
    • Hope is not a "solo" sport or task.  Hope alone is not possible, and not hope.  It must be connected to others to produce meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and calling.  None can do this better than the Creator.
    • Since we are fashioned in the Creator's image, genuine hope must connect us to our Creator if we are to understand Him, others, and ourselves.
    • Having a relationship to the Creator links us to some important life needs:  our soul, our design, our purpose and calling, our sense of time value from birth to death and beyond, the importance of our sovereignty and choices, and our external (eternal) resources.

HOPE STEP 2: O Obey His guidance.                                 


  • "His guidance" refers mainly to the written Word.  Click this link to review this source - WW.  Other sources can be chosen, but not for the H.O.P.E. Break Formula.  If you choose another source, you are essentially on your own.  If you accept to choose the 3 Hook-up Choices, you will already be open to your rule-maker's guidance.
  • “Obeying His guidance” helps you rise above cultural expectations, norms, and fictions, connecting you to the eternal wisdom of the true Designer and “Rule-maker”.


HOPE STEP 3: P & E Praise & Enjoy your Creator’s presence & solutions.


  •  “Praising your Maker and Enjoying His presence” changes your focus and allows you to immediately benefit from your new “Hook-Up” connection.
  • Regardless of any consequences, suffering, confusion, or difficulty with the next steps of hope, you can experience unconditional love, forgiveness, and empowerment of your Creator’s presence and Spirit - right NOW! 
  • Irrespective of opinions and voices around you, you can know you are connected to the greatest source of forgiveness, guidance, and hope designed just for you.
  • Find a place to praise and enjoy your successes, no matter how small or how many times repeated, with others.  This celebration with others is part of your worship experience, reinforcing your hope choices.
  • Celebrate your progress - each Hook-up and Obedience choice.  Don't wait - hope is a NOW experience.  Practice enjoying every moment of your life - even the tough ones - with hope celebrations.


From Coping to Hoping.

The H.O.P.E. BREAK Formula can be used with a “C” instead of an “H” regardless of your faith or beliefs or past. 

  • It provides a pathway from “HOPE” to “COPE” and reminds us that even before we “Hook-Up” (H) to our Creator’s power, we can still “Cry out” (C) to him for help and hope until we decide to trust in having a relationship with him (truly Hook-Up). 
  • We can cry out, obey what we know already to be right, then begin to praise and enjoy the fact that he hears us in love – at any time. 
  • As we learn to truly H.O.P.E., our crying out (coping) starts to become the amazing life of living with hope. 
  • Regardless of how long it takes us to arrive, better than any earthly father we could possibly know, his love is always there if we choose to cry out, and hopefully hook-up.