What will be the LEGACY of your life?


  Can the H.O.P.E. Break Formula help?


  • This can more correctly be stated as “Creation to Death Legacy”. Why? Life, and more specifically your unique identity and soul, begins at conception, and not at birth. The H.O.P.E. Break Formula acknowledges this reality.
  • Your legacy is the sum of your choices. Everyone makes decisions about their life, either purposively or by default. Hope is impacted by these choices. Your choices determine your legacy. The H.O.P.E. Break Formula helps you make healthy, life-fulfilling choices.
  • The H.O.P.E. Break Formula bases it success on many sources, but has one primary source. Its power rests on your choice to “accep” the Creator as being the central rule-maker of your life and legacy, as guided by the written Word.  Why?  Consider these questions that underlie your legacy choices.


Seven (7) Legacy Building Questions:


Legacy Question 1. What is the ORIGIN of your life? A man and woman conceive a child with sperm and egg, and the physical identity (DNA) of a person is concieved. God’s Spirit breathes into each new person their image and their soul (accountable identity) is created. Your creation involved a man, a woman, and your Creator. Your legacy involves the Creator and your choices as a unique, created person (soul).


Legacy Question 2.  What is the SPAN of your life? From your conception until your last heartbeat, defines your physical life’s span, but not your eternal soul’s lifespan. No one is in total control of their life’s span, and choices made within that span are only made in the NOW (present).   The time you have to build your legacy is finite, or limited to the span between your creation and your physical existence. You might want to read the article, What’s the ‘Big Deal’ about NOW.


Legacy Question 3.  What is the QUALITY of your life? Beyond circumstances and surroundings, your choices determine the ultimate quality of your life. Physical, emotional, and cultural realities, whether positive or negative, can impact your external life’s quality, but only your individual choices - including body, soul, and spiritual choices - can impact your internal quality of life. People with seemingly everything are often miserable, while those suffering for countless reasons have found peace, joy, and hope for their lives. Your hope choices impact your ultimate life’s quality.


Legacy Question 4.  What is the VALUE of your life? To the Creator, your life (unique soul) is of immeasurable value, and your irreplaceable significance is established at conception. Translation: “No one will ever be exactly like you – your value is unique and irreplaceable.” Believe it!  Because the 1) Creator’s central image is love, and thus your freedom to choose your legacy as well as well, and because 2) your person is created with His image, relationships are central to your life’s ultimate value. The Creator desires a loving relationship with you. Your relationships, when based on love and choice, enhance your life’s value, but your significance to the Creator is there regardless of your choices.


Legacy Question 5.  What is the PURPOSE of your life? This answer depends on who you choose to measure your life (question 6). Everyone will try to be your standard of measure in some way – try to make their acceptance one of your life’s purposes. However, the Creator has created his own guidelines for your life. His has established basic physical roles (egg & sperm, gender roles, etc.) and a host of physical variations (skin color, physical features, etc.) to give order to your life. These are varied by talents and capacities, and some are easier to link to the thoughts of purpose than others. He has also created social roles (parent, provider, leader, natural gifts, marriage, etc.) to provide for relationships in society. He has also created spiritual roles (callings, spiritual gifts, etc.) to guide your relationship to Him. Trumping all of these, is his declaration that our major role, and overall purpose, regardless of all variations we are given or choose, is to bring Him glory. This is another way to say, as only a parent can say, that “the major purpose of our life is to have a relationship to him and others that brings Him joy”.


Legacy Question 6.  What is the MEASUREMENT of your life? Life is more accurately summarized as what you do with it, that is, what choices you make. The written Word notes that the Creator protects the soul in the period of time (life) where choices are not capable of being accountable. If you are reading this, you are not still in this period of life. Once you became responsible for your choices, those individual choices will be subject to measurement (evaluation and judgment). Who decides what measurements count? The Creator teaches that what others think, and even what you think, are secondary to what He thinks. Peer pressure and comparisons will not be a defense for poor choices. Solomon, the wisest and most wealthy man in history, after he reviewed his relationships, accumulated possessions, and power, observed that they were nothing compared to attaining fear of the Creator and doing his will. Listen to what Solomon said in his life’s summary:

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.   For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 King James Version (KJV)


Legacy Question 7.  So then, what will be the MEANING of your life? Only you can choose. Look at the variables presented in the questions above. Consider the pathway outlined by the H.O.P.E. Break Formula.  If you are uncertain about relying on the written Word as your primary source of Truth for finding and living hope, review the articles WHAT IS TRUTH and THE WRITEN WORD as you decide. Best wishes to you on your hope journey.