When should I take HOPE BREAKS?

There are many levels to applying the H.O.P.E. Break Formula.  Choose what fits your life.  They can be used as a life planning and review tool looking at the broader directions of your life, or as moment-by-moment motivators to keep your life on track.  Both are helpful.  Using the Serenity Prayer as a template, consider using the H.O.P.E. Break Formula in each of these ways.


  • ACHIEVING SERENITYThe longer, contemplative, planning view. Use this approach for setting hope as your legacy and for reviewing your progress. In terms of the Serenity Prayer, you are choosing to “accept” the realities of your life you cannot change, and surrendering to the Creator in helping you with these and the areas you can change as well – surrender is a major hope barrier. Typically this takes time, a place where you can concentrate, and some means of putting your choices in writing. You can use the H.O.P.E. Break Formula exercises in Hook-up, Obey, and Praise & Enjoy to guide you in this approach.


  • TAKING COURAGEThe shorter, life-style, project view. Use this approach for achieving changes in specific areas of your life. In terms of the Serenity Prayer, you are choosing to “change”. Choice is a major hope barrier, and you need a plan to boost your courage to be successful. Use the H.O.P.E. Break Formula to tackle one or two areas at a time from the list generated in the serenity application planning above. Consider making check lists to include celebration with successes! Daily or periodic, scheduled reviews are important to track your improvements and keep on track.


  • USING WISDOMThe instant, application, action view. This is where “the rubber meets the road” in terms of applying hope in the NOW. At any moment, when you are conscious you are feeling hopeless, or tempted to give up, etc., quickly review the H.O.P.E. Break Formula. Use this approach for survival and applying the formula in the NOW. In terms of the Serenity Prayer, you are choosing to “know”. This “on-the-spot” application motivates you and helps you overcome the hope barrier of desire.