H247 ICON BUTTON 20 What’s the “Big Deal” about “NOW”?

Think about it. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all lived (experienced) in the NOW, the present moment.

  • When you lived yesterday, it was experienced as a “today”, or in a NOW moment.  Even five minutes ago, your current history, was a "moment in the NOW" when you lived it.
  • If you get a tomorrow, it will be experienced as a future “today”, or a series of NOW moments.   You can plan on what you will say or do in the next five minutes, but when it comes, it will be a NOW of the future.
  • So, you can remember the past and anticipate the future, but you can only live in the NOW.  Thus, learning to live in the NOW is a key to living a life of hope.  
  • If you choose to spend your NOW obsessed on the past, it can be positive or negative. Your memory can help you apply what you learned and make NOW better, or it can fill your NOW with regrets of poor choices, happenings, and leave you depressed.
  • If you choose to spend your NOW preoccupied with the future you might find yourself with a good plan and prepared when it arrives, or you might find yourself caught up with fear and worry about something that might never happen.  Whatever does happen will only happen in a NOW moment.
  • Thus, discovering a life full of hope, regardless of the past and with uncertainty about the future, must be able to bring that hope into the NOW.


NOW brings all of your life together:  One of the breakthroughs that explain why NOW is such a “big deal” comes from a study of 16 centuries of popular and professional writings and theories about the person as written in the disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and theology. The result was a holistic academic model about the person called the Tri-Person Matrix (TPM®), and is represented here as The Creation Trilogy It describes the 9 “god-images” that each person has that help develop relationships, competence, and purposeful fulfillment in life.  An excerpt of this treatise by Dr. Green is provided in the WHAT IS TRUTH section, reviewing why this is such an important choice you have made (or need to make purposively).  Here are some facts about this breakthrough that make understanding the importance of NOW a "big deal".

  • The Creation Trilogy is all about relationships, and that is a "big deal" in all areas of our life.
    • It explains 1) why living a fulfilled life full of faith NOW, 2) why living hope NOW, and 3) why loving and being loved NOW are keys to building the best legacy possible!  That is another “big deal” for most of us.
    • The Creation Trilogy presents its underlying research in easy-to-use formulas for living faith, hope, and love in the NOW, and are presented in three websites, faith-24-7.com (currently 9lovelinks.com), hope-24-7.com , and love-24-7.com.
    • Faith-24-7® is all about understanding ourselves as created in the image of our Creator.
    • Hope-24-7® is all about living hope in the NOW.
    • Love-24-7® is all about helping you better “love and be loved”.
  • Understanding the “big deal” about NOW helps us better understand our Creator.
    • The historic Christian cannon (the written Word) is all about the Creator's three persons of God-the-Father, God-the-Son, and God-the-Holy-Spirit - all defined and described by “love”.
    • It describes the great lengths our Creator has gone to to have a loving and exciting relationship with His creation (you and me).
    • Made in his image, each person’s greatest goal should be to discover, by faith, how 1) to grow in His image and to reflect love in all dimensions of their life, 2) to live a life of hope in the NOW, and 3) to enjoy that relationship each day.
    • Relationships, as well as faith, hope, and love, can only be experienced in the present (our NOW).
  • Understanding our brain helps us know the “big deal” about choices in the NOW.
    • Dr. Curt Thompson, in his book “Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising connections between neuroscience and spiritual practices that can transform your life and relationships”, gives practical insights into how the three dimensions of the TPM® - Behavioral (body), Developmental (soul), and Life-Motivational (spirit), relate to our thoughts (left brain), feelings (right brain), and beliefs/choices (center brain) for living a transformed life in the NOW.
    • His scientific observations explain how our mind is created and works. He gives helpful understandings into what happens when God transforms our life through love with his three amazing gifts of forgiveness (through confession of faith), freedom (through surrender to hope), and fulfillment (through obedience to loving and being loved in the NOW).
    • In the context of neurology, Thompson illustrates how love is the key to “knowing and being known”, a biblically and scientifically based truth that healthy living is centered on relationships – “to know and be known” on three levels: our self, others, and our Creator (i.e., “loving and being loved”.)
    • As stated above, relationships, as well as faith, hope, and love, can only be experienced in the present (our NOW).
    • Learning to live life in the NOW really is a "big deal"! 
    • BG TM Video on the importance of NOW!