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Advent Study – DAY 19

Revering a Holy God


Celebrating HOPE

With “Reverent” Praise! 

Praise Bulb 2Prayer Encourages our HOPE:  When using the H.O.P.E Formula, each time we “Hook-Up” and “Obey”, we need to immediately “Praise” our Father for his loving relationship, and for His help with discipline to stay connected.  Satan shudders when we do this.  Why wait even a moment to celebrate your HOPE?  Praise declares our victory in “not giving up”.  It puts us in a state of thankfulness.  It changes our focus to the love of our Father and His love for us.  Prayer is the best way to get praise started.  Jesus has taught us just “what to say” and “how to say it” in his Lord’s Prayer.

What we should say?  The 4 bulbs on the Advent Card can guide you.  Jesus showed us four ways we can” praise the Father to strengthen our walk with Him:   

  • We give him our reverence (bulb”19”),
  • We acknowledge our submission to His will (bulb”20”),
  • We restate our trust in his help (bulb”21”), and
  • We express our desire to know Him better (bulb”22”).

How should we say it?  There is no need to go public.  Jesus prefers your private praise.  He desires connection, not open searching for others to accept you or approve.  God’s approval is already guaranteed!  This means you can start immediately, wherever you find yourself.  Praise is powerful and refreshing.  Learn to do it NOW.  His praise to your victory is instantaneous as well.  No script is needed.  Instead, you can use his prayer as a guide to be genuine.


Jesus’ “Reverence” Prayer of HOPE:

  • Matthew 6:9Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.” (NKJV) “Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.” (NLT)


The HOPE of Reverent Praise:  Praise can be in word or deed.  Prayer is the best way to start praising your victory.  The Lord’s Prayer is an excellent way to talk to God.  You can memorize it and just “pray it back” to God.  You can also use it as a guide. 

  • The first phrase, “Our Father in heaven, …“, reminds us immediately who we are praising – our Creator and giver of HOPE. It sobers us to be completely honest, because He knows our heart.
  • The second phrase, “… hallowed be Your name.”, reminds us that our goal is perfection through Jesus’ grace and forgiveness. It brings him glory when we approach him reverently and with respect. We can never do it alone.  It puts us in a mood of repentance and desire to learn and grow. 

What loving Father is not pleased when his child approaches him with reverent praise?


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