H247 ICON BUTTON 20 Why is HOPE so important?

Hope centers our purpose and meaning for life and links it to the eternalIf life is centered around successful relationships, and it is, then hope is part of the pathway to a successful life, companioned with faith and love.  Hope is not a solo exercise, nor does it stand alone as one of the elements you need for a rich life.  Hope is AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT of three transformative achievements needed for a holistic, healthy life - faith, hope, and love, as seen in The Creation Trilogy.


Creation Trilogy 3




A Pathway to Faith, Hope, and Love


  • FACT:  Created in God's Image, life can be lived with or without a relationship to our Creator.  It is a choice that only each created being can make. 
  • WHY?   Because God's central attribute is love, it is our central image as well.  Love, to be love, must be "free" to be love.  Any other way would be coertion.
  • THUS:  Choice is a companion image of our Creator that we possess.  You can't make anyone choose to love themselves, others, or the Creator, and no one can make you do the same. 
  • RISK:  Giving you sovereignty was a big risk for God to take in each soul created - meaning, to be free to choose a life of love, we are also free to rebel, hate, pursue evil, sin, whatever. 
  • PATHWAY:  Since our Creator designed us for a genuine relationship, He also knew we needed some pathways to motivate, guide, and reward our choices toward "learning to love and be loved". 
  • THE CREATION TRILOGY:  One way to view and attain them is through pursuing faith and hope - the two companions of love in The Creation Trilogy.  They go together to lead us to rewarding life and legacy that has an eternal reward as well. 
  • SITES:  The three sites, faith-24-7.com (currently 9lovelinks.com), love-24-7.com, and hope-24-7.com are pathways to this amazing, life energizing Creation trilogy leading to hope built on faith and lived through love.
  • HOPE CHOICES:  Thus, hope needs to be chosen, desired, and surrendered to - if you are to maximize the joys of life (different from the pleasures of life).  Have a successful journey!