• References to the "written Word", or "Truth" (capitalized), refer to the historic Christian cannon (scripture).
  • Why this source used primarily for The H.O.P.E. Break Formula?  Unlike other proclaimed sources of truth, the Christian cannon is a unique in its historical foundations and exhaustive examanations for authenticity.  It is differentiated by a concept called "inspired knowledge", or "plenary inspiration".  This separates it from empiracle, philosophical, and other types of spiritual knowledge and thrusts it into a world that includes "revealed knowledge".  While other sources may use these terms, they have difficulties in verifying them historically or otherwise.  Dr. John Warwick Montomery first introduced this verification model, calling it the "Revealed Knowledge Cone".  It was enhanced by Dr. Lawrence E. Green into a holistic model of the person and a holistic knowledge mapping system, as displayed below from "A Tri-Person Matrix". 
    • A small portion of this work is presented as a Q & A MENU article "WHAT IS TRUTH".
    • If you are wanting to better understand why this is the "source" above all others for evaluating absolute truth, the entire work can be requested by requesting in in PDF in the Contact Info menu tab.




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