Learn to OVERCOME THE LIE - "There is no hope"

There is always hope – in relationships, finance, obsessions, addictions, family, friends, work, or anything – to name a few areas where it is easy to feel hopeless.  Hope is immediately available at all times – 24-7-365; hope is always there for you – at an instant, anywhere, anytime.  …if you take a break and grasp it.  Hope is always a choice if you want it.  Here is a way to get it going again...


Overcoming the LIE and finding HOPE is always a "holistic" journey. 

  • Finding lasting, meaningful, and life-changing hope is always a process that involves your physical, mental, and spiritual beings (or "selves") - they are involved individually, but always connected.  One source to better see how your person is liked together, is 9lovelinks.com, (being changed to faith-24-7,com).

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  • The site above speaks to nine other lies and their corresponding truths about your life - all linked to a loving Creator's image of love intended for you to live a fulfilled life.  It also develops solutions (goals) to living a more "holistic" and balanced life - good foundations for lasting hope.


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