H247 ICON BUTTON 20 Tempted? 

…to give up, give in, strike out, pay back, hide, react, stall, not engage, quit loving or allowing yourself to be loved – just quit hoping things will get better?  Learn to take a quick “H.O.P.E. Break”.


Other Temptations: 

Everyone is tempted to live without hope in some way. 

  • Since you are unique, meaning that no one has your DNA or God-created SOUL, your journey to hope will also be unique.  This is good and speaks to your immeasurable worth God, yourself, and others.
  • Your special journey to hope will be a combination of many factors, many of which are also common to others.  This is also good, and means you can benefit from the experiences of others who have found lasting hope. 
  • Though common to some, the factors that are tempting you to loose hope, can also come together to make your individual pathway a one-of-a-kind success.

Physical Factors (Including your capacities, age, etc.)

Mental Factors (Including temperaments and personality)

Spiritual Factors (Including choices as to morality and authority)

Circumstantial and Cultural Factor (Including family and race)

Avoidable (Your choices) Factors

Unavoidable (Other's choices) Factors

Holistic Factors (Including body, soul, spirit balance)

Historical and Experiential Factors (Including life learning)


Some quick "factoids" in your journey to choose a hope-filled life:

  • Hope is always a CHOICE.
  • Hope is all about RELATIONSHIPS. hope-24-7.com
  • Hope is always chosen in the NOW.
  • Hope is always based on something outside yourself, or it is presumption.
  • Hope is never easy, but is always worth it.
  • Hope is always linked to your Creator's love.  love-24-7.com
  • Hope is always linked to your eternal value. 
  • Hope is always linked to your fulfillment in life (legacy).  faith-24-7.com (developing)
  • Hope is not bounded by past choices or consequences.
  • Hope is always discovered and accomplished holistically9lovelinks.com
  • Hope, if based on Truth, will change your life completely.
  • Hope Break Formula Steps are a proven pathway to hope in the NOW.