HOPE is always a CHOICE


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…to give up, give in, strike out, pay back, hide, react, stall, not engage, quit loving or allowing yourself to be loved – just quit hoping things will get better?  Learn to take a quick, 4 step “H.O.P.E. Break”.


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Hope helps you to start living by the “Serenity Prayer”, written by Reinhold Niebuhr, an American theologian.  One form of his prayer is:

 Serenity Prayer 2

The key words are actually not the larger ones, but the ones nested beneath - the action keys to unlocking hope - "accept", "change", and "know".  The good news is that you can grasp each one for your life, and right now!  Whether you are rich or homeless, bound or free, the same thing holds true – everyone needs hope to enjoy a meaningful life.  That includes you!



H247 ICON BUTTON 20 Learn to take powerful, life changing “HOPE BREAKS

Choose to follow this 3-step H.O.P.E. Break Formula now - begin even as you read this simple pathway.


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 1: H Hook-up to your Creator.

   2: O Obey His guidance.

      3: P & E Praise & Enjoy

         your Creator’s presence & solutions.



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Why can this formula work every time, in any situation, and so quickly?

  • First, when you take action, you have chosen to have hope.
  • Second, “Hooking-Up” connects you to your purpose and destiny needed for hope.
  • Third, “Obeying” helps you discover the next steps for gaining hope.
  • Finally, “Praising  and Enjoying” changes your focus to experiencing hope NOW!

It is simple, once you have made the choice to cry out for hope, to quickly start the hope process – anytime, anyplace, 24-7-365, and keep it going everytime you need it.. 


H247 ICON BUTTON 20  RESOURCES for your journey to HOPE

  1. Learn to OVERCOME THE LIE - "There is no hope for me."
  2. Why is HOPE so important?
    • Choice:  In terms of the Serenity Prayer, you are choosing tochange.
    • Desire:   In terms of the Serenity Prayer, you are choosing to know”.
    • Surrender:   In terms of the Serenity Prayer, you are choosing toaccept”.
  4. When should I take HOPE BREAKS?
  5. What makes HOPE BREAKS work for you?
  6. What’s the “Big Deal” about “NOW”?
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  11. From Coping to Hoping to Coping Better
  12. Questions, Answers, and Articles INDEX
  13.  Christmas is HOPE!  A 25 Day "ADVENT Study" of HOPE.